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Turn any object into a biosensing device, within minutes.
No embedded systems knowledge required. No coding needed.



The Guardian Buttons is a configurable system dedicated to creating a new generation of devices for wellness and biometric tracking.
From prototype­ to­ production, we empower you to create quickly, test and deploy enterprise­ ready biosensing connected systems.




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Buttons iOT system includes: The Guardian Buttons set, configurable mobile App, data storage on the Cloud, Data visualisation on the Dashboard and data analysis on the Server.




If you want to provide a wellness and health tracking component to your product, expand your research capabilities or create new consumer electronic devices ­ The Guardian Buttons kit is the perfect place to start.
Leverage our configurable hardware, firmware and software system to build your MVP (Minimum viable product) fast and iterate along the way.
Perfect your business case -­ and invest your resources in development once your thesis is validated.



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1. Hardware



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2. Firmware



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3. Software




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We are very proud of achieving the following business metrics for our customers:

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3 digit ROI (Return on Investment)

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Twice better usability*

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70% higher retention than the industry standards*

*Source: Forrester 2016



Configurable systems provide time­-to­-market, performance, and integration benefits.
Our three core benefits:

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Why Biosensors?

At ID Guardian we believe that checking up on your body should be as seamless as possible -­ it should be integrated in your favourite products and experiences.
In order to make that possible, the technology needs to be safe, accurate and certified.
Together with some of the best semiconductor companies and researchers we have partnered to bring the first generation of tools to the market.



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1. Get hardware

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2. Customize and brand your mobile app using our editor or SDK

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3. Personalise dashboard
Ready to go and test!

Test fast and scale once you are ready

Using simple, certified modules with a guaranteed standard of accuracy and configurable firmware in our web IDE, deploy it over the air, and build your web and mobile apps with our Mobile SDK.
Our ecosystem will provide tools you will have all necessary resources to test fast and have a reliable basis to scale once you reached product market fit.


Prototyping steps


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Security plays a crucial role in every IoT project.

At ID Guardian we are following industry standards and best practices by adopting global standards such as the LoRa protocol,LoRaWANTM.

The need for secure communication and protection of confidential data has been solved by several layer of encryption:
   ● Unique Network key (EUI64) and ensure security on network level
   ● Unique Application key (EUI64) ensure end to end security on application level
   ● Device specific key (EUI128)

Our system is LoRa certified and equipped with a LoRaWan Concentrator available in the Enterprise Package.





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