We help you to better understand the most sensitive members of your family and community.



Your favourite everyday objects now provide information that was previously possible only using complex medical devices.



Because you need more than just numbers.
We provide you the context on behaviour patterns, stress, excitement and other emotional states experienced by your loved ones- when you are away.
Most importantly, we use those insights to help create the most comfortable home atmosphere and bring you peace of mind.



A range of most commonly used sensors can be attached to any object and send the data wirelessly to your mobile app.
It can be attached as a sticker, clip or built in.



green bullet  Teddy with a sensor attached to the paw that measures temperature, HR and Sp02 when hugged.

green bullet  Pet collar clip that measures the amount of exercise, sleep and food needed for a specific breed and age.

green bullet  Pillow button that tracks and advises on sleeping patterns of your elderly.

green bullet  Other


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